Overview of Sukam 5kva Inverter:

The SuKam 5kVA/96V Power inverter is a 5kVA output capacity digital pure sine wave inverter, large enough to power a sizable set of household or office appliances. The 5kVA SuKam Power inverter is a 96 volts power inverter requiring 8 units of 200AH Inverter battery. That battery bank of 8 (No.) 12-Volt Inverter batteries will ideally be deep cycle, sealed, maintenance-free batteries.  Inverter Battery capacity of 200Ah is recommended, though lower can be used.
A 5kva inverter from Sukam makes a lot of difference to your power backup needs. It allows you power your freezer and an AC unit. This is in addition to other loads such as a TV, fans and bulbs. We recommend that our customers use Energy saving bulbs

Sukam 5KVA Power Inverter Specification:
  • DSP based PWM technology using MOSFET.
  • Fuzzy Logic Charging algorithm suitable for all type of batteries.
  • Constant voltage and frequency.
  • User friendly display and operation.
  • Auto self test on LCD Panel.
  • LCD panel for remedial actions & water topping alerts.
  • Smart short circuit protection.
  • Reverse battery polarity protection.
  • Free of spikes and surges.
  • Runs heavy loads.
  • In built TDR point for compressor based applications.
  • Power fail duration on LCD panel.
  • 8- 200AH battery of SUKAM or Luminous brand
  • Battery Rack for 8
  • Cable length of 10yards maximum (customer to pay for any additional requirement)
  • changeover switch
Estimated Power load capacity:
  • 1 Fridge
  • 6 Fans
  • 6 Lighting Points
  • 1 DSTV Decoder
  • 1 LCD T.V or Plasma
  • 1 Music System
  • 1 PC
  • 1 1HP AC








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Product Name Sukam Power Inverter 5kVA/96V with 8 - 200AH batteries, rack and installation
brand Sukam
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