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  1. Seagate 2TB External Hard Drive

    Special Price NGN 34,320.00 Regular Price NGN 49,500.00
  2. LG External Hard Drive 1TB

    Special Price NGN 33,000.00 Regular Price NGN 42,020.00

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Buy External Hard Drive Online in Nigeria

An external hard disk is just a hard disk drive (HDD) or solid-state drive (SSD) that needs to be connected to the computer rather than being inside the computer. External hard disks are sometimes referred to as portable hard drives or mobile hard drives.

The most important thing you think of when it comes to your personal and official documents is definitely safety and the only way to ensure that happens is by purchasing a nice external hard drive for backup just in case your internal hard drive gets corrupted. From the different-sized drives available, you only get to have many options to order from and utilize it even more such as saving a large number of multimedia files just for that special moment of entertainment.

The best external hard drives are just the ticket if a small-capacity solution just won’t cut it and your budget is limited. Storage solutions like USB flash drives and microSD memory cards are just not robust enough for handling large files and faster read/write speeds. On the other hand, while portable SSD drives and secured drives are more durable and a lot faster, they also tend to be more expensive.


Offering an effective and portable backup solution for carrying your files wherever you go, the best external hard drives are a great way to save, secure and protect all your files and folders. The fact that they are typically affordable for a lot more storage space makes them an even more cost-effective solution for everyone. In other words, they hit that sweet spot between cost and practically giving you more storage space in a robust or rugged package at much a lower price than SSDs, these are the best external hard drives in 2020. Whatever your storage needs are, you’ll find something on this list that will suit them.

Where to buy an External Hard Disk in Nigeria

When it comes to all your digital storage needs we got you covered! We know how important your files and media are to you. Especially the external hard drives for your home or office to store your work files and documents or all those family photos from your recent vacation.  Do you know that Kara.com.ng has the best deal on external drive prices in Nigeria? Kara.com.ng  is the online store for all your external storage device products such as Seagate, Toshiba  external hard drives, flash drives, and memory cards. If you are considering buying 1 TB external hard drive , 2TB  and 500GB external hard disk, then come to Kara online store where we offer the best prices for external hard disk  in Nigeria. Search on Kara store for the best external hard drive and internal hard drives, and computer storage products  in Nigeria

Buy External Hard Drive on Kara.com.ng

Looking for where to buy an external hard drive in Nigeria ? or you want to know how much external hard drive costs in Nigeria ? Kara.com.ng gets answers to all your enquiries about external drives by selling the best deal on external hard disk to customers and satisfy their needs with our best offer on external hard drives, flash drives and memory cards. 

Price list of external hard drive on Kara.com.ng


Seagate 1TB External  Hard Drive  -- ₦38,500.00


Seagate 2TB External Hard Drive  ---- ₦34,320.00


Seagate 500GB External Hard Drive  ---- ₦22,000.00


LG  1TB  External Hard Drive  ---- ₦33,000.00

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