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This is one of the best affordable laptops or notebook which comes with incredible features of various Intel core and Intel Celeron with a class of high end operating Windows netbooks and ultrabooks that are designed with the thick sleek stylish case without compromising performance and battery life. This laptop makes use of powerful Intel Core processors and solid-state drives that will meet your office needs and lifestyle.
Are you looking for the best gaming laptops online? ASUS is one of the best gaming laptops you can get your hand on at affordable price. Get gaming laptop powered by NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080 or nvidia geforce gtx 1060. This helps deliver the best ultimate PC gaming experience. The laptop comes in various portable laptop sizes that feature hard disk drives and Ethernet ports for different connecting cables.
Get efficient Laptops, as well as Asus mini laptop price in Nigeria on Kara. Get ASUS brand models like the Vivobook, FreeDos Ultrabook, Asus Zenbook and other models that are available for you at best prices. Check out our laptops prices and specifications for the best.
Visit Kara to assess our wide range of incredible Asus gaming laptops which comes in a surprising fusion of notebook, mini laptops and tablets. You can also get an all in one PC that easily lets you transform from laptop into tablet. Hence you can stay connect with a touch of your fingertip on the screen to multi-task, enjoy great performance and access files in a jiffy.
Feel the Ultrabook sensation with the versatility and mobility of a laptop that allows you access and work on your office files and at the same time transform it into a tablet to play games and watch videos without stress. The device features keyboard with primary camera, clear Full HD display, DVD ROM, SD card port, Bluetooth, wi fi, HDMI, dvd rw, windows 10 home, anti glare and more.
These laptops are powered by 8th gen, gen Intel, rog strix, core i3, Intel Core i5, Intel Core i7 processor, Intel atom, Intel Pentium graphics card for gaming laptops and more powerful CPU. Enjoy storage up to 4gb ram, 8GB Ram, 500gb HDD, 512gb SSD,1tb and more.
Asus rugged battery life is one of the major selling points of the notebook or laptop. They also feature strong batteries that can last users for at least 15 hours. Enjoy also a fast charging technology to boost the battery of your phone. Shop for laptops on Kara and get it delivered to your doorstep anywhere in Nigeria.
Why Asus
ASUS is a leading company driven by innovation and commitment to quality for products. That includes notebooks, netbooks, motherboards, graphics cards, and more. laptop is one of the best for business, home use and more. As a gaming laptop, it is one of the best laptops you can get your hands on, ruggedly built to withstand many hardships. Although, there are different models of laptop, yet, the laptop is one with many benefits.
Get the best asus laptop price at Buy Cheap laptops and enjoy the best deal.

Best laptop Price

Intel Quad-Core Pentium 14" Laptop X453MA-WX305T = ₦168,800.00
VivoBook Max Laptop X541SA-XO164T = ₦120,000.00
Intel Celeron Laptop X541SA-XO017T = ₦98,000.00
Intel Celeron Notebook Laptop X541SA-XO041T = ₦103,500.00
Intel Dual Core 14" Laptop X453SA-WX095T - Purple = ₦150,000.00
Chromebook flip
Intel Core i7 1TB Gaming Laptop G751JT-T7202T = ₦812,500.00
Special Price ₦586,500.00


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