Heavy Duty Stapler

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What is Heavy Duty Stapler

Heavy duty stapler is designed to be used in any busy office environment. It is a stapler that can handle small amounts of paper like 30 sheets of paper all the way up to 240 sheets. Heavy-duty staplers come in both electronic and manual formats. These staplers have a larger staple capacity to take a longer staple allowing them to punch through a higher number of sheets. Our range of industrial staplers have the ability to staple up to 100 sheets of paper at once when used with the correct staples.

Where to Buy Heavy Duty Stapler

Kara offers heavy duty office stapler. Choose the right product for your job from a wide range products available in our store. From different sheet counts to various staple sizes. We offer heavy duty stapler with a durable metal design. The stapler has an easy to use, top loading mechanism for fast and simple refilling. It also offers jam-free, flat clinch stapling

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