Overview of Prag Pure Sine Wave Inverter 4KVA/ 24V:

Prag Pure Sine Wave Inverter is our latest technology model. Rugged design with fast charging sets PRAG inverter ahead of the competittion. By adopting DIP (dual in-line package) switch, the PRAG pure sine wave inverter provides more smart options for users to customize the performance of the device. Applications- fluorescent and incandescent lights, fans, fridges, freezers, microwave, vacuum cleaners, shavers, sewing machines, etc Kitchen appliances - coffee makers, blenders, ice markers, toasters. Home entertainment electronics – television, VCRs, DVD player, video games, stereos, musical instruments, satellite equipment. 

This inverter brand has been reviewed by many users who gave it a positive feedback. If you would like to share your review about the Prag inverter please contact us.

The Prag 4KW inverter is slightly higher in power estimates compared to a 3.5Kva or 4KVA inverter in Nigeria. It is designed to support small offices with about 10 to 12 computers, fans, CCTV and TV. Like many other quality prag inverters you can get reliable installation services from kara  or choose to install it by yopur qualified personal installers. Should you have an issue with your installation, you can contact our team and we would get support to resolve any issue you have with a Prag inverter. You may also want support from the prag inverter manual provided by the manufacturer.

Whether you need one or more Prag inverters and batteries, Kara is on ground to provide you the required pricing support for your project. a 4 kva prag inverter may be just what you need for your office or duplex apartment.  At kara we install Prag inverters in many Nigerian cities such as Lagos, Abuja, port-harcourt, Ibadan, Kano and many other cities. Unlike our competitors jumia and Konga, we aim to deliver your prag inverters within 24 hours in Lagos while you may contact us for estiamted delivery time outside Lagos. 



  • Powerful Charge Rate Up to 120Amp, Selectable From 0%-100%
  • Designed to Operate under Harsh Environment
  • Easy to Install & Easy to Operate
  • Voltage: 48V and 24V
  • Battery Temperature Sensor (BTS)
  • Automatic Generator Starting (AGS)
  • DC Start & Automatic Self-Diagnostic Function
  • Compatible with Both Linear & Non-Linear Load
  • Low DC Voltage Supports Home & Office Appliances
  • High Efficiency Design & “Power Saving Mode” to Conserve Energy
  • Battery Priority Mode, Designates the Inverter-Preferred UPS Configuration
  • 13 Vdc Battery Recover Point, Dedicated for Renewable Energy Systems
  • 8 pre Set Battery Type Selector plus De-sulphation for Totally Flat Batteries
  • 4-step Intelligent Battery Charging, PFC (Power Factor Correction) for Charger
  • 8 ms Typical Transfer Time Between Utility & Battery, Guarantees Power Continuity
  • 15s Delay Before Transfer when AC Resumes, Protection for Load when Used with Generator
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