Overview of Panasonic 85 inch LED TV:

This Panasonic is one of the largest LED TV in the world that has protective glass with impact resistance on the front of the display. With its strong resistance to external impacts, this rugged design allows safe installation in places where many people walk by, such as train stations, airports, and shopping malls. The special frame construction also resists twisting to boost reliability during installation. Ideal for rental applications, where the panel is frequently transported and installed. The LED TV can be is installed vertically and can display a person in almost life-size dimensions. It is also ideal for digital signage use because it faithfully reproduces the textures and colors of a model's clothing and accessories. It helps to maintain a high-quality brand image. Vertical installation also has no effect on the lifetime of the panel. The TV high-resolution images clearly show even the fine textures of objects. When placed near the entrance of a store, the display will effectively catch the attention of people walking by. In addition to being impact resistant, the Panasonic 85 inch is capable of constant, 24/7 operation. It offers reliable use in public spaces where many people gather, such as train stations, airports, and shopping malls, as well as installation in control rooms, living room, bedroom. It is also equipped with a variety of input/output terminals for versatile applications. In case of long time, the moving image is recommended to be displayed. If you display a still picture for an extended period, the image retention might remain on the screen. However, image retention can gradually disappear by displaying a moving image. This LED TV does not need staff help when installing it. It has been design so confortable, for reducing the burden of staff. You can just mount eyebolts to the holes of this LED TV and attaching hooks to the eyebolts. The size and positions of mounting holes on the plasma TV are large Panasonic LED display (85-inch). This enables the use of existing peripheral accessories. When replacing Panasonic plasma display with the existing mounting fixtures can be used.

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Brand: Panasonic

Screen size: 85-inch

Brightness: 500cd/m

Contrast ratio: 1300

HDMI: HDMI type A connector x2

Audio:  yes

Power capacity: 110/127 V AC

Power consumption: 650W

DIMENSION (W x D x H): 2233 x1288 x 122mm

Weight: 136kg

Installation: landscape portrait

Delivery Time:

Delivery within: 1- 7 days(s)


Manufacturer Warranty

Return Policy: 

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