The CWAY Executive Water Dispenser 3C CWM26HC is a water dispenser that dispenses hot, warm, and cold water. It also has a child lock, water tray, and cabinet. This water dispenser is popular in Nigeria : 


If you're in search of a versatile water dispenser that caters to all your hydration requirements while also enhancing the aesthetic appeal of your space, then look no further than the CWAY Executive Water Dispenser 3C CWM26HC. Packed with innovative features and boasting a sleek design, this dispenser is the ultimate choice for dispensing both hot and cold beverages.

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Specifications and Features:

  • Hot and Cold Water Dispensing: The CWAY Executive Water Dispenser 3C CWM26HC offers the convenience of dispensing both hot and cold water, accommodating a variety of beverage preferences.

  • Temperature Customization: Enjoy beverages tailored to your liking with adjustable temperature settings, allowing you to personalize your drinking experience.

  • Energy Efficiency: Designed with energy-saving features, the dispenser minimizes electricity consumption, aligning with eco-friendly practices.

  • Stainless Steel Tanks: Featuring durable stainless steel tanks, this dispenser guarantees longevity and maintains water quality, ensuring consistently fresh-tasting beverages.

  • Easy Maintenance: The dispenser's user-friendly design simplifies the cleaning process, enabling effortless upkeep of hygiene standards.

  • Contemporary Design: With its modern aesthetic and sleek finish, the CWAY Executive Water Dispenser 3C CWM26HC effortlessly complements any interior decor, adding a touch of sophistication to your space.

  • Convenient Storage: Benefit from the built-in storage cabinet, providing handy space for storing cups and keeping essentials within easy reach.

  • Optional Filtration System: Enhance water quality with models featuring a built-in filtration system, effectively removing impurities for pure, clean drinking water.

  • LED Indicators: Stay informed with LED indicators signaling when water reaches the desired temperature, simplifying operation and monitoring.

  • Dimension: 80 X 60cm
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