Armour Truck Tyre 10/16R5


Overview of Armour Truck Tyre 10/16R5:

The Tyre Armour range of tyre sealants are specifically designed to instantly and permanently seal punctures and loss of tyre pressure in air filled tyres. Tyres not only leak air if punctured, they also leak air naturally and over a year even a new and properly mounted tyre will typically lose around 10% of its initial pressure. This results in tyre wear and loss of performance.


  • Overall Diameter: 773
  • Max Load: 1930
  • Pressure: 520
  • Extra-deep tread for superior traction.
  • Extra-wide profile and footprint for better performance and stability.
  • Nylon reinforsed construction for extra protection from flats.
  • Tyre Protection
  • Road Safety
  • Save Money
  • Be Kind To The Environment
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Product NameArmour Truck Tyre 10/16R5
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