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Technical Specifications

  • Nominal Battery Voltage: 12 VDC

AC Mains Mode

  • I/p Volt. Range (Normal Mode): 90 to 290 VAC ± 5 VAC

  • I/p Volt. Range (UPS Mode): 145 to 270 VAC ± 5 VAC

  • Changeover Time Maximum: <=20 ms

  • Charging Current (NC): 25% less than HC

  • Charging Current (HC): 17A + 1A 120A + 1A

  • Boost Charging Voltage: 28.8±0.2 VDC

  • Float Charging Voltage: 27.4± 0.4 VDC

Battery Backup Mode

  • Output Voltage at No Load: 220 VAC ± 7 VAC

  • Output Frequency: 50.0Hz ± 0.5Hz

  • Output Wave Form (At No Load): 100% Pure Sine Wave

  • Battery Low alarm (VDC): 21.2±0.2

  • Battery Low protection: 20.8±0.2

  • Current Boost Function Mode in Normal Mode Only

  • Charging Current at 100V AC: 8A ±1A


  • Short Circuit at Mains Mode: AC Fuse Blown

  • Short Circuit at battery Mode: Should be functional

  • Mains Fuse Trip: Should be functional

  • Reset: Through ON/Off Switch & Mains

  • LCD Display: Mains on, UPS on, Short Circuit, Overload, Charging, Battery Low, Fuse Blown, MCB Trip.

  • Protection: Battery Voltage Low, Over Load, Battery full Charge, Over Temperature, short circuit.

1.6KVA/24V Glow Energy Inverter with Protection Against Battery Voltage Low, Over Load, Battery full Charge, Over Temperature, short circuit| Kara Nigeria


  • Up to 30% Extra Current in case of emergency through Emergency Current Boost.

  • Optional Monitoring & Controlling Multi through Smart Phone & Wi-Fi.

  • Built in Automatic Stabilizer to Boost the Mains voltage up to 30%

  • Enhanced Temperature Protection.

  • Pure Sine Wave Boost Technology.

  • Battery Charging at Low mains (90 volt) for longer Backup & Battery life.

  • Easily Up gradable to Solar UPS/PCU.

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