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  1. Midea Air Conditioner Window Unit 1HP - MWF1-09CM

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Window unit air conditioner are installed in an open window. The interior air is cooled as a fan blows it over the evaporator. On the exterior the heat drawn from the interior is dissipated into the environment as a second fan blows outside air over the condenser.

A large house or building may have several such units, allowing each room to be cooled separately are appliances that have become a necessity in every home and office. Air conditioner is very important to beat the heat in the office, home, Church, Mosque, hotels etc.

This portable air conditioner is energy efficient just like the central air conditioners, split systems floor standing Ac and more.

The use of AC will properly help you maintain suitable humidity and supply ventilation in any location. Window Air Conditioners are designed in such a way that they fit well into any room, hall or office or a ceiling. This air conditioning system is available at the best average price with the best hvas system to control the heat and cool temperature.

They function by providing cool air inside a room and absorb the heat. Looking for where to buy Window Air Conditioner that is suitable for use in rooms, restaurants, hotels and places of worship. is the best online shopping in Nigeria to buy all different kind of Air Conditioner either Split Air Conditioner, Window Air Conditioner etc.

For your Ac installation, Kara Nigeria offer a professional service at average cost. our Hvac contractors are professionals in their field. HVAC stands for Heating, Ventilating, and Air Conditioning. The HVAC system is designed to control the environment by controlling the temperature of a room in which AC is installed through cooling and heating system.

 WINDOW AIR CONDITIONER ON KARA.COM.NG is the best online shopping website in Nigeria to buy Window Air Conditioner for your home, office, hotels, praying center, event center. Large selection of LG Window Air Conditioner ,Samsung, Daikin, Midea Window Air Conditioner at best prices. Buy various selection of any type of Window Air Conditioner today! Fast delivery nationwide and flexible payment option



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