Denyo Generator 45Kva is capable of generating power in various situations where public power supply is not available. The generator has its own contribution to the society and is highly appreciated by customers. Denyo 45 kva power generator is capable of providing power at various sites where power is required like civil work, construction sites, offices, schools as well as are also employed in various facilities as emergency power source for critical equipment like medical equipment in hospital, bank online system and traffic signals etc. 

Denyo Generator 45Kva DCA Series generators are complete, stand-alone generating sets. All models consist of a Denyo alternator which is directly coupled to a diesel engine. The Denyo Generator 45Kva alternator and engine are set on a common skid base. Special vibration isolators are used to minimize vibrations during operation. The generator and electrical components are fully enclosed in a solid-steel, weatherproof bonnet. Noise suppression is achieved using highly effective sound insulating materials. 

Denyo Generator 45Kva has the following levels of performance: TEMPERATURE RISE: 100℃ temperature rise at 40℃ ambient (JEC2130). INSULATION:ClassF (JEC2130). VOLTAGE REGULATION: Within±0.5% (except DCA-400SP) FREQUENCY REGULATION: 

Within 5.0% through no-load to full-load. VOLTAGE WAVEFORM:Deviation Factor of open-circuit terminal voltage does not exceed 0.06. Telephone Influence Factor (TIF) is less than 50. Denyo Generator 45Kva is easy to start and has a quick response.  It has an anti-vibration rubber mounts which helps reduce the transmission of vibration, shock, and noise. 

 The 45kva Generator is economical, utilizing highly reliable diesel engines with low fuel consumption. For a particular job, you may need that extra power from your generator. With the Denyo Generator 45Kva DCA Series, the standby power rating (110% or 105% load except DCA- 610SPM) can be used continuously for 1 hour in every 8 hours of continuous operation.

The Denyo 45kva generator price is ₦9,157,500. Buy Denyo Generator 45Kva at best price in Nigeria, at Kara Online Store and also offer the best bulk purchase discount price in Nigeria. We also have varieties of denyo generators and other brands of 45 kva generators for sale. If you are looking for a used 45 kva generator for sale, then Kara is not the store for you, as we only deal with new products directly from the company.

Denyo 45 kva Generator Specifications:

    • Brand: Denyo
    • Rated output: Prime 37/45kVA, Stand by 38.9/47.3kVA
    • Voltage ( ) indicates options: 190~220V/190~240V, 380~440V/380~480V
    • Power Factor: Three Phase 0.8
    • Engine: Isuzu BB-4JG1T
    • Fuel: Diesel
    • Tank Capacity: 100L
    • Dimension L×W×H: 1,900×880×1,250mm
    • Weight: 960kg
    • Sound Level (From 7m): 50Hz  60dB, 60Hz  62dB


  • Denyo 45 kva generator price: ₦9,157,500


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