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Sunfield Energy formally known as Roy Energy is committed to producing solar energy that is reliable, efficient, easy to install, affordable and accessible to everyone. Sunfield Energy manufactures solar panels ranging from 3W to 360W for off-grid and on-grid systems. All modules have BIS, IEC, PID and MNRE Certifications. Sunfield (formally known as Roy Energy) 350w is certified by IS 14286: 2010 / IEC 61215: 2005, IS/IEC 61730 (PART 1): 2004 & IS/ IEC 61730 (PART 2): 2004, IEC -61215, IEC-61730-1&2, IEC-61701 and PID

Buying solar panels could be one of the best decisions that one can make, not only environmentally but also financially. The cost and technology improvements are slowly making solar power plants a viable option for large institutions, as well as, also for individual buyers. 350W Solar Panel combine with inverter and inverter batteries gives you the independence you need to be from Non-existent Nigeria power supply. The solar panel is cost efficient, reliable, easy to install, easy to operate, durable, with waterproof lamination and more than a decade power warranty.

Kara Nigeria offer wide range of durable, high quality 350w solar panel with different voltage, potable dimension, amazing specifications, at best price in Nigeria.

Metrics such as cost efficiency of 350w solar panel Maximum Power, Open circuit Voltage - Voc (Volts), Voltage at Maximum Power -Vmp (Volts), Short Circuit Current - Isc (Amps), Current at Maximum Power - Imp (Amps), Module Efficiency, Number of Cells and Matrix, Power Tolerance, Electrical Parameters Tolerance, warranty, temperature coefficient, and durability will go a long way in deciding the number of 350w solar panels required as well as the vendor, which will in turn determine the total capital expenditure. With technological advancements pushing its boundaries, one can easily find prices that are pretty reasonable.

Important advantages of getting 350w solar panels are their high durability and low maintenance. Also, they provide the user with a consistent power source, thus ensuring energy security. The solar panels are usually silent while operating. The customers have the flexibility to move them anywhere as per the requirement since 350-watt solar panel's size is small.

There are a large number of companies selling 350w solar panels and for a novice, this could be a very confusing decision to make, since they entail a one-time investment. The final decision depends upon a lot of factors such as the power needs of the buyers and a reliable solar partner, who would not only be there to help with the installation needs but also be around to serve the warranty.

Buy Sunfield 350w Mono Solar Panel, Price, Voltage, Dimension | Kara Nigeria


  • Model Number: SEPL 24360 MONO

  • Maximum Power - P max (Wp): 360

  • Open circuit Voltage - Voc (Volts): 46.8

  • Voltage at Maximum Power -Vmp (Volts): 37.9

  • Short Circuit Current - Isc (Amps): 9.90

  • Current at Maximum Power - Imp (Amps): 9.5

  • Module Efficiency: 18.56%

  • Number of Cells and Matrix: 72 Cells (12X6 Matrix)

  • Power Tolerance: ± 5%

  • Electrical Parameters Tolerance: ± 10%

Monocrystalline 350Watt Solar Panel


  • High quality Mono or Polycrystalline cells

  • Strong durability with waterproof lamination

  • Five-year product guarantee, plus a power warranty of 90% for the first 10 years and 80% for the next 15 years

  • Easy installation, easy operation, and minimal


Delivery within: 1- 7day(s)


Manufacturer Warranty

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