Sukam Pure Sinewave Inverter 25kVA/360V 3-Phase 'Colossal'

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Overview of Sukam Pure Sinewave Inverter 25kVA/360V 3-Phase 'Colossal':

Su-Kam's DSP Sine Wave Inverter – Colossal Series, powered with reliable, regulated and stabilized Pure Sine Wave Output is a complete power generation system that is suitable for all types of commercial establishments and is capable of running everything from Lights to Air Conditioners and Lifts to Elevators, in a most cost effective manner. Su-Kam’s DSP Sine Wave Inverter supplies pure power, which is actually purer than even the power supplied by the grid, and is 100% safe to run the most sophisticated, expensive and sensitive office equipment, silently. It has already established itself as a most reliable option to generators at banks/ATM’s, hospitals, petrol pumps and shopping malls to name a few.



  • DSP based PWM technology using IGBT
  • Double Conversion VFI technology
  • True Galvanic Isolation
  • Works on any phase sequence without coming in Battery Mode
  • LCD Panel for Input/Output Voltage, Input/Output Frequency and Output Power
  • For all 3 phases simultaneously (very useful for monitoring)
  • User settable Output Voltage (380/400/415V)
  • RS-232 Interface software
  • Remote Monitoring analysis & control using Powerdoc Software
  • Auto Self test on LCD Panel
  • 3-Phase Static Bypass Switch (optional)
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Product Name Sukam Pure Sinewave Inverter 25kVA/360V 3-Phase 'Colossal'
brand Sukam
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