Sukam 2.5KVA/48V Inverter + 4 X 200AH batteries + rack + installation


Overview of Sukam 2.5KVA Inverter Installation:

The Su-Kam 2.5KVA 48V inverter is a 2.5kva output capacity digital pure sine wave inverter. This inverter capacity is large enough to power a sizable set of appliances. The 2.5kva Su-Kam inverter is a 48 volts inverter. This inverter requires the use of 4units of 12v battery or 2units of 24v. That batteries will ideally be deep cycle, sealed, maintenance-free batteries or Tubular batteries. Battery capacity of 200Ah is recommended, though lower can be use.

Sukam 2.5kVA inverter 48V support higher load and delivery reliable performance. Its fast-charging system ensures your batteries get charged up to provide the high frequency power backup you need. The 2.5kVA inverter price gives you perfect value for your money for a high quality power inverter.

Enjoy the advanced technology of the 2.5 kva Sukam inverter, with IGBT based PWM technology. It has a fully DSP based design, bringing the reliability that justifies your spending on it. It comes with LED display which allows you to see the critical performance parameters of the inverter at a glance.

At Kara, we offer professional Sukam inverter installation. This is to ensure you get the best power output. The advantage of the 48V system is that it requires lower battery current. Hence the batteries can last longer hours after full charging.

This 2.5kva Sukam inverter runs in full automatic mode, delivering superior performance. It also offers instant switchover, ensuring your appliances remain on when supply switches. This product has a track record of stable operation, durability and extended power backup. Thus, you get value for your investment. Your expenditure on inverter is a long-term investment. Its promising huge savings in the operational costs incurred on power generating sets, over several years of use.

Kara also offers competitive Sukam inverter prices in Nigeria for retailers and resellers. The 2.5kva Sukam inverter can power equipment such as: tube Lights, fans, DVDs/LCDs, Led TV, computers, etc .

Key product features of the 2.5kva Sukam inverter:

  • High end Microcontroller based design.
  • Light weight and compact in design resulting in space saving.
  • Overload and short circuit protection.
  • Battery deep discharge protection.
  • Charger capable of charging deep discharged batteries.
  • Charger is supported with spike busters and line filters eliminating every possible harmonic distortions.
  • CCCV based charger to reduce water topping frequency.
  • Better overload handling capacity as compared to ordinary inverter.
  • Noiseless in operation.
  • User friendly display and operation.
  • High surges capability.
  • Runs heavy loads.
  • Battery pole reversal protection.


  • INSTALLATION PACKAGE INCLUDES:4- 200AH battery of SUKAM or Luminous brand
  • Battery Rack for 4
  • Cable length of 10yards maximum (customer to pay for any additional requirement)
  • mini changeover switch



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