Solar Charge Controllers

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Solar Charge Controllers

What are Solar Charge Controllers?

Solar Charge Controllers or solar chargers are devices that help to regulate the voltage and current flow from solar panels to a battery. They are neccesary in order to forestall battery damage due to overcharging. Since there is no physically controllable regulator that turns off/on solar energy, it is necessary that the power it gives off is regulated for longer lasting batteries.

Types of Solar Chargers

The two major solar controllers are the PWM solar charge controllers and the MPPT solar charge controllers. A PWM charge controller regulates the voltage thereby protecting the battery life by preventing excess voltage, while the MPPT solar charger in addition, regulates the power supply thereby giving you a wholesome regulation experience. Depending on your needs, the MPPT and PWM solar controller circuits may be arranged in series or in parallel to give the best performance tailored to your needs.

Maxi­mum Power Point Tracking also known as MPPT Charge controller is specially designed to work with all established 
module technologies and is optimized for solar systems with module voltages higher than the battery voltage. So if you have a 30V module but a 24V battery module, the MPPT charge controller converts the extra voltage to current for battery charging.

Buy Charge Controllers at the Kara Online Store

Solar charge controllers ranging from 288Watts (12V/24A) to 24,000 Watts( 240V/100A) and even higher are available at the Kara Online Store at affordable prices. These solar chargers are guaranteed to maintain the use-life of batteries that are charged by regulating the voltage and/or current flow.  Solar controller price at the Kara Nigeria are affordable ranging from ₦5,750.00 and above dictated by what power rating will suit your solar panels and/or inverter batteries. It is best to thoroughly confirm the rating compatibilities and requirements before buying and setting up new solar chargers. Kara offers a competitive price for both MPPT and PWM Solar Charge controllers

Below are some solar charge controllers available:

1. 12V/24A Auto/40A (PWM) 

2. 240V/100A (PWM)

3. 80A FLEXmax (MPPT)

4. 80A A&E (MPPT)

5. Sunfield charg controller (formally known as Roy Dharge Controller) available in all Amp sush as 30A, 40A, 50A, 60A, 80A,100A, 120A at best price in Nigeria.

Buy Solar Charge Controllers at discounted prices on the Kara platform today. Transfers and Payment-on-Delivery payment options are available. 

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