Solar Charge Controller MPPT 30A - 48V


Overview of Solar Charge Controller MPPT 30A - 48V:

The UNIV-MPPT-S series MPPT solar charer controlle has an most important feature of intelligent tracking input voltage from solar panel, which could let solar panel always working at Maximum Power Point of V-A curve. Compared with normal solar charge controller, this MPPT controller could increase 10%-30% electrical power using efficiency from solar panel.


  • Simple button operation
  • Automatic Identification System Voltage level
  • Intelligent MPPT charge mode
  • Automatic Temperature Compensation
  • Adjustable charge-discharge control parameters
  • Settable Operating mode of Load
  • Overload, Short Circuit Protection
  • Remote monitoring and control function (custom)
  • Battery reverse-discharge protection
  • Battery Low Voltage Disconnection (LVD)
  • Battery reverse connection protection
  • Accumulated function of charge and discharge Ampere hours


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Product NameSolar Charge Controller MPPT 30A - 48V
brandRoy Solar
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