These cards vary in the quantities they can store. Most microSD cards can store as much as 64MB to 32GB. The 8GB Micro SD card variant is a hit among users considering that it gives ample memory space expansion without creating holes in your pockets. MicroSD cards are usually sold at prices that are in direct proportion to their memory capacity. The cards become more expensive as there storage capacity increases. The 8GB Micro SD card is a plug-and-play accessory. Users simply wait for their electronic devices to recognize the chip after they embed it or put it inside the designated memory card slots. Just let the system load and your ready to play with 8 gigabytes of unfettered information storage. Youd probably have to ask yourself how much more you need to download just to fill every slot in the 4GB Micro SD card warehouse.



  • High storage capacity holds your most precious data
  • Seamless (and outrageous!) speed and performance with microSDHC-compatible devices
  • Tested to the extreme – can withstand a ten-foot drop (among other things)


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Product Name Sandisk 4GB Micro SD Card
brand Sandisk
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