Rubitec 2V 1000Ah Battery Overview

Rubitec 2V 1000Ah lead acid battery is made of AGM separator and non-conductive ABS plastic, with its sealed construction, the battery is spill-proof and maintenance free, no trouble once installed, full 2 year warranty.

This 2V 1000 Amps Hour battery is specially designed to carry heavy duty loads and they can withstand wear and tear over a very long period of time. The 1000AH battery comes as 2V, meaning you will need 6 of it to provide 12V and 12 to produce 24V battery system. You can contact us on [email protected] for more detaildetails and discount on this product.

The 2V 1000AH deep cycle battery is designed to be reliable and dependable, and they promise a huge return on investment compared to other sealed maintenance free and flooded batteries. The Rubitec 2V 1000AH battery price is a great deal for any one who plan to make a one time investment on solar batteries. To produce a 12V 1000AH battery equivalent you will need to combine six of the 2V 1000AH battery in series.

Features of Rubitec 2V 1000Ah battery

  • Battery introduction:
    • Rubitec 2V 1000Ah lead acid battery is made of AGM separator and non-conductive ABS plastic, with its sealed construction, the battery is spill-proof and maintenance free, no trouble once installed, full 2 year warranty
    • Battery can be used in solar/wind power system, power station and telecom system
  • Packing:
    • 1 pieces in one carton with foam board inside
    • Carton dimension: 512*215*420 (±2mm)
    • Gross weight: 60.5kg (±0.3%)
  • Tips:
    • Only wet cloth available to clean the battery
    • Not mixed using different batteries
    • Not upside down and shocking
    • No water or spark
  • Batteries range from 0.8 to 3000Ah for your all needs
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