Overview of Prag Pure Sinewave Inverter 2KVA / 24V:

The 2KVA pure sine wave inverter it has user friendly operation interface, displays clearly device’s working status, input & output voltage, loading status, battery status. With a 2 KVA prag inverter you require 2 units of 12V batteries connected together to give you the required 24V. 

They are manufactured in China to meet the rugged power requirement with in built voltage regulators. Prag inverter are quality inverters tested and trusted in Nigeria by many businesses. It comes at a slightly higher price than Sukam inverters. But you can be assured of getting value for money. If you want highest level of performance you can engage our team to provide you the high grade Prag inverter batteries that would make your needs for the next 3 - 5 years through a one time investment in prag inverters and batteries.

At Kara, our engineers are trained and qualified by the manufacturers to install Prag invererters, centralised voltage regulators and batteries. some would have wished the inverter was powered by a single 12V inverter battery. But the manufacturer decided on 24 Volts (two batteries) to ensure that the power backup provided meets the standard expected of the load. With 2 KVA you can power lights bulbs preferrably energy saving bulbs, fans and about 2 TV and a computer. There is an inbuilt load warnig that alerts you when you are about to overload a Prag inverter.


  • Brand: PRAG
  • Product Type: Inverter
  • Model: 2KVA
  • Rated Capacity: 2000VA
  • Rated Power: 1400W
  • Transformer: C.R.G.O
  • Interface: LED graphic
  • Display Status: working & loading & battery
  • Voltage: 140~275 Vac
  • Frequency: 45~65 Hz
  • Voltage: 220Vac ±3% for inverter;190V-245V for avr
  • Wave Form: Pure sinve wave
  • Wave Distortion: ≤ 3%
  • Transfer Time: ≤ 4ms
  • Battery Voltage: 24V DC



  • Pure sine wave inverter,
  • UPS, AVR (Stabilizer) and charger function
  • Generator compatible
  • Low power self-consumption
  • Fast changeover, guarantees uninterrupted power supply
  • True C.R.G.O Toroidal transformer design provides high efficiency, low static loss, much more energy saving than old square transformer type design.
  • Intelligent 3 stage charger protects your battery
  • 32-bit high speed CPU control, swift response, more accurate detection
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