Overview of ORL 60'' Ceiling Fan :

The ORL Giant ceiling fan is a 3-blade fan with a single phase power supply. It has a sweep of 1400mm and a current drawn in  the attractive blades and cup add beauty to your living space. The product is designed for maximum performance and high cooling. It is designed to withstand overwork as it very rugged and durable. Comes its regulator for desired control of speed. Good for your living room, bedroom, offices, and hotels.
ORL is a household name  for quality products, durable and energy efficient fans and electrical appliances, metal and wooden furniture. The
 fan has been known to be strong, beatifully crafted, mind blowing with less power consumption to give homes and offices cool and fresh feels on those very hot days. Its blades will . It has a simple design and radiant colour which will match the interior decor of your home. The ORL Giant 60 Ceiling Fan goes at high speed for strong breeze and has a five-speed regulator with minimum 60 percent regulation. With a 60-inch sweep, it has a permanently lubricated double ball bearing assembly for a noise-free and Long-lasting operation.


These devices effectively rotate air throughout a room, eliminating cold air pockets during the winter and producing a wind-chill effect during the summer. From this, you achieve greater comfort levels in a room and end up reducing heating and cooling costs for a long-term energy savings.

ORL 60'' Ceiling Fan circulates an ideal amount of air in a room; you also need to pick one with a design that will suit your current decorating theme. Whether it is contemporary, traditional, transitional or mid-century, the theme and decor of your room means you’ll need to pick something that augments the look rather than sticks out. The Blade size is a key determining factor in picking a modern ceiling fan, covering a wider area which will ensure fresh air reaches all parts of the room as this determines the fan’s efficiency for a room. For example, shorter blade spans means that it circulates less air and is thus intended for smaller rooms. A low-profile ceiling fan with a span of 36 or fewer inches should be used in a bathroom or breakfast nook, whereas a fan with a span of more than 50 inches is ideal for larger bedrooms or family rooms. This ORL Ceiling Fan has a span of 60 inches so you can use it in your living room and bedroom . 


  • Number of blades: 3

  • Supply: a.c. Single Phase

  • Sweep in MM: 1400 mm

  • Current drawn in (A): 0.36 ±10% Amp

  • Max speed (RPM): 270 ±10% RPM

  • Power consumption in (W): 70 ±10% W

  • Air delivery (M3/Minute): 230 ±10% M3/Minute

  • Phase: Single Phase

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