Multipower Deep Cycle 100Ah/12V Inverter Battery

NGN 75,900.00

Overview of Multipower 100AH/ 12V Deep Cycle Inverter Battery

Multipower Inverter Battery is a rugged brand of inverter battery with a one-year warranty and higher power density. A special assembly technology is used to enhance power density to a considerable level. Excellent Recovery from Deep Discharge, Unique technical processes are used in the grid alloy and electrolyte additives, so that the battery can be recharged easily to a normal level even after being over-discharged

Multipower Inverter Battery 100AH/12V offers a sizable capacity for those who require an extended power backup. The battery capacity can power mostly appliances at home or offices, however, some appliances require a stronger combination of more than one battery due to the rate of electricity it consumes such as the air conditioners and deep freezers. The power output of this battery is a 100% clean, regulated and totally stable, free from distortion making it ideal for very sophisticated appliances and equipment. Noise-free power supply and Smart Charging algorithm is suitable for all inverter types, for best battery performance.

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Key Features of Multipower Inverter Battery 100AH/12V:

  • Valve Regulated Lead Acid (VRLA) Batteries

  • Sealed Maintenance Free (SMF)

  • Absorbent Glass Mat (AGM) Technology



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