Overview of M‐Power Inverter 1400VA/24V:

Mpower 1400VA inverter is highly suitable for households with moderate power back-up requirement.


MPower Inverter 1.4KVA
• Constructed with controller based technology using MOSFETs
• It is capable of powering appliances like audio/video systems,5 light bulbs, 1 laptop/computer, 4 fans and television set.
• Requires double 200AH battery to power on
• Very easy to maintain
• No fuel required and provides uninterrupted power
• It is noiseless and not hazardous to health
• Can help run your computer with other IT equipments like printer, dmodem, router etc 
• Extra long back-up for computers as compared to ordinary UPS
• Intelligent charging control based battery charger technology
• Smart overload and short circuit protection with auto reset
• Dual selection for battery charging 
• Automatic low battery protection 
• User friendly graphical display
• Very fast change over time
• Great power saving

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Product Name M‐Power Inverter 1400VA/24V
brand Mpower
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