Mouka comfy Mattress - Mouka foam 4.5 x 8 inch.

Mattresses play an important role in helping you fall and stay asleep. Thus, when it comes to listing comfortable mattress, mouka foam is number one on the list. Mouka been the first mattress company in Nigeria with record for high quality product. Mouka mattress is durable and last longer than most brands.

Mouka Foam is a top quality and durable mattress made from high density,and flexible foam. Mouka mattress aims to provide comfort against the body's pressure points. This is by supporting it so that the sleeper gains healthier sleep. All round quilted medium strength mattress for extra comfort and durability.

Mouka comfy Foam 4.5 by 8 inch height mattress is a quality, durable and reliable bed. It is comfortable and suitable for all weight ranges. It environment friendly with excellent thermal insulation. This makes it ideal for use whatever the weather.

The Smooth cool foam surface also provides superior pressure relief and plush comfort. The mattress cradles your body through the sculpted gel memory foam layer. The layer has a smooth pattern to increase air flow and help move warm air away from your body for a cooler sleep.

Mouka comfy mattress are comfortable, soft, durable,and easy to wash. Its easy to use with good cradling effect. This gives you an enhanced sleep advantage. The foam is cover with nice clothing of bright color variants. This helps not only the looks but also protects the foam from active wear and tear.

It's embroidered covering not only looks good but protects the foam from active wear and tear. The surface is cool and silky smooth. Covered with 100% cotton and has its borders in luxury jacquard that adds extra beauty. It provides the user with an inviting sleep area that is soft and comfortable. Yet firm and sturdy so that it can withstand sagging. Hence, can accommodate 60kg body weight. The mattress provides comfy rest under any weather.

You will love the uniqueness of this mattress because its nothing but quality to the core. Buy also Mouka Flora mattress on Kara Nigeria. Get Mouka 4.5 x 8 comfy Foam.

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