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The 5M Bullet Camera, like the one from Milesight, is a type of CCTV (Closed Circuit Television) camera used for surveillance. The term "5MP" refers to the camera resolution, meaning that the camera captures images at a resolution of approximately 5 million , providing high-definition video quality.

"Bullet" refers to the shape of the camera, which is long and cylindrical. This type of camera is often used for outdoor surveillance due to its durability and capability to capture images over long distances.

As for specific features of the Milesight 5M Bullet Camera, those may vary but often include functionalities like infrared night vision, weatherproof casing, remote viewing capabilities, motion detection, and more.


  • Resolution: 5MP, which translates to 2592 x 1944 pixels or similar.
  • Lens Type: This could be a fixed or varifocal lens depending on the model.
  • Field of View: The angular extent of the observable world that is seen at any given moment.
  • Night Vision: The camera likely has infrared (IR) capabilities for night vision, which may specify a certain range (like up to 30 meters, for example).
  • Video Compression: Formats like H.264 or H.265, which help to reduce the size of video files.
  • Connectivity: It might offer Ethernet for wired connections and possibly Wi-Fi for wireless.
  • Weatherproof Rating: Something like IP66 or IP67, which indicates the camera's resistance to dust and water.


  • This could include things like motion detection, wide dynamic range (WDR), back light compensation (BLC), and 3D digital noise reduction (3D-DNR).
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Product Name Milesight 5m Bullet Camera
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