Overview of Mercury 12/7.5AMPS Batteries:

Mercury 12/7.5AMPS Batteries create electron flow in a circuit by exchanging electrons in ionic chemical reactions, and there is a limited number of molecules in any charged battery available to react, there must be a limited amount of total electrons that any battery can motivate through a circuit before its energy reserves are exhausted. A battery with a capacity of 1 amps should be able to continuously supply a current load for exactly 1 hour, or 2 amps for 1/2 hour, or 1/3 amp for 3 hours, etc., before becoming completely discharged. In an ideal battery, this relationship between continuous current and discharge time is stable and absolute, but real batteries don’t behave exactly as this simple linear formula would indicate. Therefore, when amp-hour capacity is given for a battery, it is specified at either a given current, given time, or assumed to be rated for a time period of 8 hours. For example, an average automotive battery might have a capacity of about 70 amp-hours, specified at a current of 3.5 amps. This means that the amount of time this battery could continuously supply a current of 3.5 amps to a load would be 20 hours 70 amp-hours/3.5 amps and this Mercury 12/7.5AMPS Batteries will supply a load for like 15/20 hours. For secondary cells, the amp-hour rating provides a rule for necessary charging time at any given level of charge current. For example, the 70 amp-hour automotive battery in the previous example should take 10 hours to charge from a fully-discharged state at a constant charging current of 7 amps

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  • Brand: Mercury
  • Maintenance-free 
  • No free acid 
  • Explosion-proof 
  • Long design life: float service for 5 years 
  • The battery is full of power when it’s out of factory, no need to use liquid charge;
  • No memory, no need to discharge battery use, suitable for circuit design;
  • By high partition, adsorption and strong;
  • There is no flowing liquid (poor liquid), does not leak acid and free Upside down,
  • Comply with environmental requirements, ease of use,
  • The use of lead-calcium alloys, battery self-discharge is very low,
  • Easy storage, less maintenance;
  • Using ABS plastic shell and valve technology for safe use

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