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You may be wondering, why is there online Uninterrupted Power Supply. The difference between online and off-line Uninterrupted Power Supply(UPS) is that the offline Uninterrupted Power Supply bypass the energy received from the consumer.

If the AC input voltage is out of defined range or disconnects the inverter device, it is turned on and the output is fed from the inverter. The offline Uninterrupted Power Supply is clearly stated that in special cases the inverter in the ups is always off.

While in the case of Mercury 6KVA ONLINE UPS, the DC power available in the inverter convert it into AC power. Among the advantages of Mercury 6KVA ONLINE UPS, this is by rectifier from AC power to DC and then again by the inverter to convert DC to AC power disturbances can therefore not be transferred to the consumer and having a higher technical capabilities, a wider range for the AC input voltage, the output regulation is more appropriate (for voltage and frequency), which eventually overload is greater than the higher Reliability of Off Line UPS provides.

The Mercury 6KVA ONLINE UPS are recommended for sensitive equipment such as large computer networks, Main Frame, sensitive medical equipment, telecommunications, servers are very sensitive.

The Mercury 6KVA ONLINE UPS is able to solve all electrical power delivered to the consumer, which makes them much clearer and reliable. When the deployment demands zero tolerance for break in power supply, the Mercury 6KVA ONLINE UPS is what you need for a perfect balance between top performance and budget-friendly pricing.

Mercury 6KVA ONLINE UPS offers a rated capacity of 4200w that can support a sizable load of your sensitive office equipment. Its capacity is relatively large enough to meet the requirements of many users.

The Mercury 6KVA ONLINE UPS inverter is powered by 20 x 12V/8.2Ah internal sealed and maintain-free batteries to provide the power backup you need. It support’s multiple office devices that deliver up to 16 minutes of power backup at half load and some 5 minutes backup at full load.

This online ups 6kva comes with features that help you maximum power protection for sensitive devices such as networking equipment, servers, work stations, other IT equipment and mission-critical applications,


  • High frequency and double conversion on-line technology
  • Fully digitized microprocessor control
  • Wide input voltage range
  • UPS startup without battery
  • Cold start
  • double conversion technology
  • Advanced battery management
  • Advanced battery charge in UPS off mode
  • Lightning and surge protection
  • Short circuit and surge protection
  • Fan speed auto control when loads vary
  • Optional extension battery pack
  • Load capacity display
  • Smart RS232 communication with monitoring software
  • Optional SNMP Card slot

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  • Power: 6KVA / 4200W
  • Voltage range: 176 ±5VAC~276 ±5VAC
  • Frequency: 46~54Hz ±0.5Hz, or 56~64Hz ±0.5Hz auto sensing
  • Input phase: Single phase
  • Power factor: ≥0.98
  • Voltage range: 220VAC ±1%
  • Output phase: Single phase
  • Frequency: 50Hz ±0.2% (battery mode)
  • THD: < 2% (Linear load); < 6% (non-Linear load)
  • Overload: 105%~130% 10min turn to Bypass mode, > 130% 1s turn to Bypass mode
  • Crest factor: 3:1 (max)
  • Waveform: Pure sine wave
  • Transfer time: 0ms (AC mode – Battery mode)0ms (AC mode – Bypass mode)
  • Efficiency: ≥88%
  • AC mode: 5 cycles turn off inverter, no transfer to Bypass, provide alarm.
  • Battery mode: 5 cycles turn off inverter, provide alarm.
  • Bypass mode: Input fuse blown or break action.
  • Battery Model: 12V sealed lead acid maintenance-free
  • DC voltage: 240VDC
  • Configuration: 20x 12V/8.2AH
  • Backup time: 20min (half load) / 7min (full load)
  • Charge current: 1A (standard unit) / 5A (long time unit)
  • Recharge time: 90% capacity after 8hrs charging
  • Communication Interface: RS232; SNMP (optional)
  • Parallel Port: Parallel availability for redundancy and load sharing up to three-unit
  • LCD Indication: Input voltage/frequency; battery voltage; output voltage/frequency; load watt/VA value & percent; inverter temperature; operation mode such as “on batt” or “on bypass”
  • LED Indication: Green: normal operation; Yellow: warning condition Red: abnormal operation.
  • Noise level: ≤ 55dB
  • Temperature: 0~40˚C; 0 ~ 40˚C (storage temperature)
  • Humidity: 0~95% (non-condensing)
  • Altitude: < 1500m
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