Overview of Mercury Pure Sine Wave 5KVA Inverter:

Mercury Pure Sine Wave 5KVA Inverter is designed in such a way that you can connect heavy loads such as air conditioners, refrigerator, vacuum cleaners and computer. It is  design in a way that allows user to monitor the operating status of the device with the help of the LCD display. It has a good performance and durability that makes it good to have in your home and office, which works perfectly on your home and office appliances. Mercury Pure Sine Wave 5KVA Inverter range offers a cheaper access to the users of inverters, enabling them to do more of households and offices works and enjoy the benefits of inverter use. The result of the impressive performance of this Mercury Pure Sine Wave 5KVA Inverter ensure your electric equipment to keep running any time you need it. It allows the user spend less on fuel, stress of running generator and keeping your electronic device save from electricity fluctuation. With the help of Mercury Pure Sine Wave 5KVA Inverter LCD display it you can easily keep a close eye on the performance of your equipment and easily see the level of your battery. Which gives you the hint on when to recharge your battery when is apparently getting low. Allowing your battery get low makes it harmful and shortens the lifespan of your inverter. The  battery capacity is 5kva that serve excellent storage for energy. The Mercury Pure Sine Wave 5KVA Inverter battery capacity is rated at 4200W for you to enjoy reasonable backup performance. To enjoy longer backup, you will have to reduce the load on the inverter, knowing that the lower your load gets, the longer the inverter runs on a battery charge. It  have some good advantage which will suit your home and office appliance such as: Compact, sleek and light weight design, Super-efficient, DC to AC conversion, minimizing charging losses, Input voltage range selection option, Fully automatic restart operation, Provides critical overload protection, Eco-friendly & non-polluting (Green Device), Advanced technology optimizes battery life, Off-mode charging design.

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Brand: Mercury

Capacity: 5000VA/4200W

Range selector:  170/90 ~ 280 Vac

Battery Voltage: 48V DC

Charger: 10A(95-175v,gen/wide only), 20A(175-275v)@20A setting, 10A(175v-275v)@10A setting

Transfer Time: 60ms max

Indicator: Line Mode: Green LED blinks or lights steadily, Battery Mode: Yellow LED lights, Overload/fault: Red LED blinks or lights steadily

LED indicators: RED LED: Blinking every 0.5 seconds, Inverter is Overloading, Continous ON when some fault detected internally, YELLOW LED: Indicating Battery Backup, GREEN LED: Blinking every 2seconds in charging mode, ON in AC Mode

Audible Alarm: Low Battery Voltage in Battery Mode: Beeps every 2 seconds, Overload: Beeps every 0.5 second, Fault: Beeps continuously

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