Luminous 5KVA Inverter - 96V Overview:

The Luminous 5kVA/96V Inverter is a high output capacity digital Luminous inverter offering robust backup performance. The Luminous 5kva inverter comes with 96V input voltage. Thus, it will use 4 pieces of 24V inverter battery unlike 5kva 48V inverter.

The Luminous 5kVA/96V Inverter will power most equipment in your home or office. A 5KVA inverter would power a duplex comfortably with light bulbs, fan and 2 to 3 TV sets. It would also power a freezer and a refrigerator. You are not expected to power your Iron with this inverter. There is also a 3.5KVA inverter that can power a freezer. However, it comes with lesser capacity, at cheaper price if the price of a 5KVA inverter is of concern.

For a complete solar inverter solution after an inverter solar panel, battery and mppt solar charge controller is needed. But new age brings about new system technology. The development in Technology brought about the introduction of Hybrid inverter.

Hybrid inverter are build with the best mppt charge controller to match the inverter.

We provide a competitive inverter price list in Nigeria. Kara customers get an extra discount when they buy inverters and batteries at the same time. We offer subsidized and professional installation charges. Our rates are better compared to other Luminous inverter and battery sellers online.

The Luminous power inverters offer smart charging capability that ensures your inverter batteries charges faster due to incessant PHCN power failures. So within 4 - 6 hours your battery gets charged and you may use it for many more hours depending on the load.

To buy the Luminous Pure sine wave inverter at affordable price in Nigeria visit Our catalog will let know how much it costs to get a complete inverter package. We also offer solar services, hybrid solar inverter and solar power installation. We sell and install the complete kits and offer services to our customer homes and offices.

As one of the dealers of Luminous inverters in Nigeria we offer 6-month warranty for after sales care. Our engineering teams ensure your inverters and deep cycle batteries last long and witness longer life cycle periods before discharge.

Note: the largest capacity for Luminous inverter is 10 KVA. But, we have other brands such as Sukam inverters that can do as high as 50KVA and even 100KVA. Buy 40, 80a mppt and more to control short circuit.


  • Pure Sine Wave Inverter
  • Smart Charge + technology for faster charging and longer battery life
  • Intelligent thermal management for longer life and higher reliability
  • Audio alarm on battery low, preload, overload
  • 8 Batteries of 200AH/12V
  • Pure Sine Wave Inverters
  • Cost Effective Power – Reduced Generator Usage
  • Extended Back Up and Battery Life
  • Maximum Protection to your equipment
  • User Friendly LCD display
  • Noiseless Operation
  • Pollution Free
  • Ideal for Data Centers, Internet Nodes & Switches, Bank ATMs, Security Systems, Medical Diagnostic Systems
  • Eco Friendly
  • input voltage range: 48v



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