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The Luminous 7.5kVA/120V Inverter is a high output capacity digital inverter. It offers a robust power backup performance. The Luminous 7.5kVA/120V Inverter will power most equipment in your home or office.

Luminous is a global brand of power inverters and battery. Luminous inverters have built a long lasting reputation for quality power inverters. Conquer the fear of unstable power supply before the lights go out conquer the energy crisis.

Luminous offers best-of-breed inverter performance. It offers a wide range of high-tech inverters that covers capacities from as low as 600va to 150 kva. There is a dependable Luminous inverter capacity for any load you wish to power. Luminous Inverters are DSP controlled. Thus, offering overload and short circuit protection as well as battery discharge protection.

Choose from our wide range of Luminous inverter capacities to meet the one that suits your capacity needs. Nigerian homes and offices have enjoyed years of stable performance from Luminous inverters. Thus, enabling them live or work in comfort, while saving tonnes of money.

Buy luminous inverter on Kara Nigeria with 7.5kva and 120V. This high voltage inverter is allows you to power lots of home and offices heavy duty appliances at once. Kara Nigeria offer a quick delivery to your door step based on your location. Buy other accessories needed for a complete inverter installation. Including Luminous battery, solar panel, charge controller, rack and every other accesories.


  • Pure Sine Wave Inverter
  • Smart Charge + technology for faster charging and longer battery life
  • Intelligent thermal management for longer life and higher reliability
  • Audio alarm on battery low, preload, overload
  • 10 Batteries of 200AH/12V
  • Pure Sine Wave Inverters
  • Cost Effective Power – Reduced Generator Usage
  • Extended Back Up and Battery Life
  • Greatest Protection to your equipment
  • User Friendly LCD display
  • Noiseless Operation
  • Pollution Free
  • Ideal for Data Centers, Internet Nodes & Switches, Bank ATMs, Security Systems, Medical Diagnostic Systems
  • Eco Friendly

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