KSTAR ONLINE UPS 60KVA/384V is a three phase transformer-less parallel redundancy online UPS series. It comes  with the smallest footprint cabinet, built-in batteries, DSP Control, Common Battery, Programmable battery voltage, and intelligent charge mode with powerful battery charger.

This 60kva 384v Pure Sine Wave Inverter supplies pure power, which is actually purer than even the power supplied by the grid and is 100% safe to run the most sophisticated, expensive and sensitive office, home and factory equipment, silently. 

 It is an ideal budget-concerned solution to your server, bank, industrial equipment, internet data center, telecom, IT equipment and other mission-critical applications.

This 60kva ups delivers faster charging & enhances battery life, all thanks to the Intelligent thermal management which enhances longer life and higher reliability.

Get the best 60kva inverter price in Nigeria on Kara online store. This 60kva UPS price starts at ₦3,451,000. You can also get Bluegate 60KVA UPS machine price and  other brand’s UPS 60kva price on Kara Nigeria.

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Product Name Kstar Online UPS 60KVA/384V
brand Kstar
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