Overview of Honda  Multipurpose Engine 4.8HP - GX160H :

The Honda  Multipurpose Engine 4.8HP - GX160H Multipurpose Engine is very affordable, efficient and durable. Lubricating system: Forced splash and Oil capacity: 0.58L No need to go far get unlimited value for your money today at KARA.


  • Type‎:‎ 4‎‐Stroke‎,‎ Overhead Valve‎,‎ single cylinder‎,‎ 25 incline 
  • Total dispalcement‎:‎ 163cc3 ‎(‎9.9cu in‎)‎ 
  • Bore x stroke‎:‎ 68*45mm ‎(‎2.68*77in‎)‎3 
  • Net power ‎(‎SAEJ1349‎)‎‎:‎ 3.5KW /4.8ps/3.600RPM 
  • Max‎.‎Net power ‎(‎SAEJ1349‎)‎‎:‎ 10.0N‎‐m ‎(‎1.1kgf‎‐m‎)‎2.500rpm 
  • Compression ratio‎:‎ 7.5‎(‎+/‎‐0.3‎)‎ 
  • Fuel consumption‎:‎ 1.0L/h 
  • Cooling system‎:‎ Forced Air
  • Ignition system‎:‎ Transistorised magneto ignition 
  • Ignition timing‎:‎ 25 BTDC 
  • Spark plug‎:‎ BP6ES‎,‎ BPR6ES/ W20EP‎‐U‎,‎ W20EPR‎‐U 
  • Carburator‎:‎ Horizontal type‎,‎ butterfly Valve
  • Air cleaner‎:‎ Semi‎‐Dry‎,‎ Oil bath‎,‎ Dual‎.‎ Silent 
  • Starting system‎:‎ Recoil starter‎,‎ electric starter ‎(‎opt‎)‎ 
  • Stopping system‎:‎ Ignition primary circuit ground
  • Fuel used‎:‎ Unleaded gasoline
  • Fuel tank capacity‎:‎ 3.1L 
  • P‎.‎T‎.‎O shaft rotation‎:‎ Counterclockwise 
  • Dimension‎:‎ 312*362*335 
  • Dry weight‎:‎ 15kgs 
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Product Name Honda Multipurpose Engine 4.8HP - GX160H
brand Honda
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