Haier Thermocool Large Generator OD10000RS 8.45kva/6.75kw

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Buy 100% Pure Copper Coil Haier Thermocool 8.45KVA/6.75KW Generator at Best Price Online | Kara Nigeria


Odogwu 10000RS. 8.45kVA/6.75kW.Single phase petrol generator, 4 strokes, OHV, forced air cooled, remote control start, 420cc single cylinder engine. Suitable for very heavy loads. E.g. lightings, TV, Fans, Fridge, Freezer and big ACs.

Haier thermocool as a brand is known for reliability, durability, affordability and technology and is one of leading brands in home appliances in Nigeria. Thermocool 8.45kva generator is designed to supply electrical power in homes, offices, business centers, and shop. it’s comes lot of features that will wow you such as:

100% Pure Copper Coil that ensures your generator coil does not burn while in use and thereby prolonging the service life of your generator and also Reduced Noise Level to protects your ears from disturbing high noise levels.

When using generator, what we always worry about is the output power been too high or too low but with thermocool generators, you don’t to worry because OD10000RS comes with in-built Automatic Voltage Regulator (AVR). AVR ensure steady power output from your generator by minimizing power fluctuations. This protects the life of your appliances. Odogwu 10000rs is Fuel Efficient, meaning it save you extra fuel cost by efficiently using fuel.

Another stunning feature of OD10000rs is its Superior Loading Capacity that makes it possible power more load than equivalent models of other brands because haier thermocool generators are fully rated. No capacity over claim

And when you are too tired to start your generator manually, not to worry thermocool 8.45kva generator comes with Remote to start and off your generator. Enjoy the convenience of starting your generator from the comfort of your room with remote control starting option. The remote control has a 25m-to-40m range.

Another notable feature of odogwu 10000rs 8.45kva is the Digital Load Meter. This is an innovative feature that gives you the control to manage the amount of load on your generator and thereby helping you prevent overloading your generator.

Odogwu also comes with Digital Voltage-Frequency-Running Hours Display (VFT). This digital VFT display easily tells you the status of your generator by showing the voltage, frequency and running time in numbers.

Haier Thermocool Generator Odogwu 10000RS With Remote, AVR, AFT Online

Basic Specifications


  • Power Output (Rated) | KW: 6.75

  • Power Output (Max) | KW: 7.25

  • Rated Kva: 8.44

  • Max Kva: 9.06

  • Voltage | V: 230

  • Frequency | Hz: 50

  • Noise Level (7m From Front Side) | DB(A): 76.6


  • Start Method: Electric+Recoil+Remote

  • Battery Type: BS.9Ah

  • Remote Controller: Yes

  • One Touch Start: No

Fuel Tank

  • Tank Capacity | L: 25.0

  • Full Load Continuous Running Time | Hours: 6.6

  • Half Load Continuous Running Time | Hours: 11.0


  • Warranty: 3 Months

Thermocool Generator at Cheap Price on Kara Nigeria

Key Features

  • 100% Copper Coil

  • Lower Noise Level

  • Automatic Voltage Regulator (AVR)

  • Fuel Efficient

  • Superior loading capacity

  • Remote Start /Off

  • Digital Load Meter

  • Digital Voltage-Frequency-Running Hours Display (VFT)

  • 45kVA/6.75kW

  • Single phase petrol generator

  • 4 strokes

  • OHV,

  • forced air cooled,

  • remote control start,

  • 420cc single cylinder engine.

  • Suitable for very heavy loads. E.g. lightings, TV, Fans, Fridge, Freezer and big ACs


Delivery within: 24hrs - 48hrs for within Lagos while outside Lagos is 5-7 working days.


Manufacturer Warranty


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