Overview of Fohow Linchzhi Capsules (Ganoderma):
Lingzhi is also called the "plant of eternal youth." It has long been believed that ganoderma strengthens the body, stimulates the production of seed and promotes longevity.
FOHOW Linchzhi Capsule slow down tumor growth, strengthen the heart, protect the liver, regulate blood pressure, lower blood sugar, relieve fatigue, slow the aging process, soothes and improves the quality of sleep. This capsule is a source of polysaccharides, amino acids, vitamins and minerals.
FOHOW Linchzhi Capsule is made up of Chinese most valuable kind of ganoderma mushrooms.
The purpose of using the capsule is to slow down the aging process, to regulate the nervous system, it has an anti tumor and brain bloodstream improving effect.

“Linchzhi” capsules effectively improve head and spinal cord blood stream, help to supply the nervous cells with oxygen and food stuff, regenerate the affected encephalon cells, renew their interaction and accelerate information transfer.

The preparation is successfully used in the cases of encephalon and spinal cord blood stream disorders, also after strokes.

One of the best products of traditional formakopei of "immortality herb" (ganoderma), significantly increases the rate of reaction of the central nervous system, improves attention, memory and other brain functions.

Legendary Chinese Cordyceps, a part of the Capsule Linchzhi FOHOW, quality regulate the immune system, it contributes to the proper operation of the cerebral circulation.

The FOHOW Linchzhi Capsule also sharpens the mind, increases efficiency," "controls emotions". Widely used as a rehabilitation therapy after crises.

It also significantly improve blood circulation in the brain and spinal cord, helping to better delivery of oxygen and nutrients to nerve cells, regenerate damaged brain cells and restore links between them and speed up the transfer of information.
FOHOW Linchzhi Capsule is successfully used for circulatory disorders in the brain and spinal cord, including after stroke. It also improves mood, increases efficiency. Capsule Linchzhi FOHOW useful for those who want to develop their memory, increase intelligence, improve your ability to learn, to study languages.
Although the FOHOW Linchzhi Capsule is not a cure to mental illness however, it has long been believed to have effect on "calming the spirit," "wisdom, adding," "sharpening the memory."
It helps satisfies the need of the human brain in all major nutrients, enhancing and improving brain function. Also regulates the balance of nervous activity, playing a preventive role, improves the process of thinking. Really it is the best product for the care of brain health.
Health effects:
It possess dual total effect - Ganoderma and Cordyceps Sinensis.
It slow down tumor growth, strengthen the heart, regulate blood pressure, lower blood sugar. Recommended for middle and older age category. As well as people weakened by disease, post-operative recovery period; during chemotherapy.
Main ingredients: 50% of Chinese Ganoderma mycelium powder, 30% of the powder Cordyceps Sinensis mycelium, 20% ascospore powder ganoderma.
  1. Lingzhi (Ganoderma)
  2. Chinese Cordyceps
  3. ascospores ganoderma
Product Benefits:
  1. Prevention and care in the treatment of cardiovascular diseases: Capsule Linchzhi FOHOW dilates coronary arteries, increasing blood flow to the coronary arteries, improve microcirculation of the heart muscle, as well as increase the supply of oxygen to the myocardium, have an auxiliary effect in arteriosclerosis of peripheral vessels. Due to the drug occurs prevention of coronary heart disease, angina condition improves, various arrhythmias, as well as in symptomatic cerebral vascular diseases.
  2. Protecting the liver and detoxification: Capsule Linchzhi FOHOW has a bright healing effect in hepatitis, cirrhosis, fatty liver, and others.
  3. Regulation of diseases of the digestive system: It improves gastrointestinal motility (gastrointestinal tract), reduces the amount of food is retained in the intestines, eliminates excess gastric acid secretion. The drug is effective in poor digestion, anorexia, constipation and similar gastrointestinal dysfunctions.
  4. Improving the functioning of the brain, help with fatigue: Capsule Linchzhi FOHOW have a good effect for insomnia, sleep disturbances, headache, dizziness, stress, and other diseases of the nervous system. Has a positive effect in diseases associated with fatigue at menopause syndrome and other symptoms.
  5. Regulation of the endocrine system: Thanks to the regulation of the endocrine system decreases blood sugar, improves "life force of the heart," enhanced "Yin lungs", "fills a void in the kidneys." Due to the elimination of the endocrine system imbalances can get better sleep.
  6. Strengthening immunity: Capsule Linchzhi FOHOW significantly improves the immune system, helps the body in the fight against tumors, viruses, and infections.
  7. slowing down the aging effect: Polysaccharides Lingzhi effective against free radicals, significantly slow down the process of cell aging.
  8. Improving lung function: The drug helps with inflammation of the mucous membrane of the nose allergies, has a good effect in bronchitis allergic origin, eliminates cough, as well as promotes the removal of phlegm.
  9. Regulation of blood sugar: Capsule Linchzhi FOHOW effectively regulates blood sugar levels.
  10. In cancer patients improves the tolerability of radio and chemotherapy, operations, enabling immediate restoration of the number of leukocytes in the blood, it restores appetite, improves immune function and resistance to tumors of the body.

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