Fohow Ares Longlu Capsule:

Fohow LongLu Capsule
In accordance with the cultivation theory of "harmony between Yin and Yang and abundance of Qi and blood" and "The Three Principles of Product Research Work" of the Fohow, Longlu Capsule is refined with the use of modern biological extraction technology by selecting valuable 100% natural Chinese herbal medicines --- hailed as "Three Chinese Treasures" of Antler, Ginseng and Cordyceps and creatively combining the "Herbs and animal drugs base on five thosands years of Chinese cultivation culture and ancient Traditional Chinese Medicine theory, Its fully featured with sophisticated compactibility, top quality and significant effects, which is another masterpiece for our consumers provided by Fohow group

Characteristics of long Lu Capsule It has the effect of nourishing Qi and kidney and enrishing the vitality as well as energetic spirit. Its unique multi-target effects can activate the hypothalamic-pituitary-gonadal axis system, so that the amount of stored sperm and egg reserves doubled, which increase the hope of fertility of male Yang deficiency and female uterine cold. It can comprehensively regulate the heart, liver, spleen, lung and kidney, so that the body can gain regular self-renewal and self replication to restore vital Qi and quickly convert sub-health into healthy state.

Six effect of long Lu Capsule
1. To nourish kidney and replenish essence and improve life quality
2. To activate kidney and consolidate yang as well as restore the vitality
3. To nourish kidney and activate brain with anti-aging effects
4. To promote physical fitness and prevent disease
5. To nourish blood and regulate menstruation and harmonize hormones
6. To warm kidney and uterus and promote conception

"Three Chinese Tresures" is Antler, Ginseng and Cordyceps Antler, one of the "Three Tresures of China", is a precious tradional Chinese medicine material, which can be used as a curative nourishing tonic for weakness and neurasthenia.

To strengthen Yang.
To nourish human essence and blood
To strengthen bones and induce sores
Its effective mainly for deficiency of kidney Yang, impotence, spermatorrhea, infertility due to cold uterus, fatigue and emaciation, dizziness, tinnitus and deafness, back and waist pain, muscle atrophy, five types of ingroeths of children, excessive uterine bleeding and vaginal discharge for women etc.

Ginseng, as the "king of Herbs" is well known as a rare and valuable medicinal herb for the young and old both at home and abroad (all over the world). Ginseng has eight major effect of increasing nervous systems function, protecting the digestive system, repairing cardio-cerebral vessels, regulating blood lipid and blood sugar and enhancing immunity as well as anti-fatigue, anti-aging and anti-tumor effects.

Cordyceps is magic for protecting the lung and nourishing kidney as well as stopping bleeding and dissolving phlegm, its is recorded by "Herbal Supplements" that it can enter the lung and kidney meridians to treat all the weakness and various deficiency diseases, its ingredients such as cordycepin, cordyceps acid, cordyceps polysaccharide and nucleoside substances are significant in effectively treating cough, asthma, night sweats and spontaneous perspiration. It also has an extraordinary efficacy in treating anemia, Qideficiency, impotence and nocturnal emission etc.

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