Overview of Fitness Tracker F2 Cubes

Fitness Trackers are one of the obvious examples of progressive technology with its accurate sensors capable of delivering body important information in real-time. This is especially true for enhanced fitness trackers like F2 Cubes.This smart wristband tracker's claim to superiority comes from its possession of a heart rate display, flash charge, waterproof and activity tracking features. Not to forget that like a smartwatch, it displays the time and with its alluring designs, it could become a fashion-constant, for anyone who is concerned with style and utility.

Key Features

HEART RATE - Checks your heart rate on time while recording it. You could easily get the details of your heart BPM (Beats Per Minute) without interrupting your workout.

WATERPROOF - It's waterproof which means you could go swimming or engage in other water-dependent physical activities without having to take it off! So cool.

FLASH CHARGING- When the display on the band is pulled off, you could use the USB stick to charge. Charging could be done via charger or Computer and at full charge, this Fitness Tracker would continue working for 7 days while needing only15 minutes to charge.

ACTIVITY TRACKER - This tracks your workouts like distance, calories burned, sleep quality all day, providing daily, weekly, a monthly and annual summary of your activities, all these shows on the APPs,  and allows you to get a better understanding of your fitness level.


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