Overview of Eastman Tubular Inverter Battery 200AH/12V:

Eastman Tubular Inverter Battery 200AH/12V is a rugged brand of inverter battery with higher power density. A special assembly technology is used to enhance power density to a considerable level. 

Eastman Tall Tubular Battery offers a dependable solution for every power backup requirement. Particularly for home and office inverter power solutions, Eastman Tubular Battery is designed to meet even the high demands of heavy duty applications. If you want inverter batteries that will give you peace of mind, tubular batteries are the way to go and the Eastman Tubular Battery is one of the leading brands.


Eastman-the most trusted name in tubular battery technology offers you infinite power source for the most demanding applications.Eastman offers the world-class quality and best-in-class technology, they also offer you corrosion resistant and highly durable batteries that are designed to enhance the quality of life with incredible possibilities. 

Eastman tubular batteries require low water top up and have a life expectancy of up to 5-6 years. From household application to industrial use these batteries will run for life and power your world with brightness forever.


 Eastman 200AH/12V Tubular Inverter Battery is specially designed for optimum performance, very long life, and high reliability.

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  • High acid volume per ampere hour

  • Quick charge acceptance and retention of charge

  • Unique tubular/flat positive plates that are designed for longer life

  • Less corrosion and high life that leads to excellent performance

  • Suitability for frequent power cuts

  • Eco-friendly aqua trap vent plugs to ensure no acid fume

  • Superior active material for best performance

  • Special alloy for low maintenance of the battery

  • Fast charging and easy recovery from deep discharge

  • Highly resistant to extreme environmental conditions

  • High impact polypropylene cases for better durability\

  • High-quality paste mix for negative plates.

  • More than 95% adherence to PAM vs NAM ratio

  • 99.99% filled weight consistency.

  • 100% automated curing and charging set-up

  • High charge acceptance due to the usage of quality per separator


Specification of Eastman Tubular Inverter Battery 200AH/12V:

  • Nominal Voltage: 12V

  • AH @ C10:  200

  • AH @ C20: 225

  • Overall Height: 410 mm

  • Container Height: 367 mm

  • Width: 190 mm

  • Length: 505 mm

  • Gross Weight: 69.79

  • Place of Production: Haryana, India


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