Doukam 2V 1000ah Battery Overview

Doukam 2V 1000ah battery is specially designed to carry heavy duty loads and they can withstand wear and tear over a very long period of time.
The 1000AH battery comes as 2V, meaning you will need 6 of it to provide 12V and 12 to produce 24V battery system.

The 2V 1000AH deep cycle battery is designed to be reliable and dependable, and they promise a huge return on investment compared to other sealed maintenance free and flooded batteries. The Doukam  2V 1000AH battery price is a great deal for any one who plan to make a one time investment on solar batteries.

The battery uses excess electrolytes to avoid drying up of the batter, overcharging, and heat loss. It can be put in multiple positions without worry of leakage.Doukam 2V 1000ah battery is a sealed free maintenance design, non spillable and water proof battery.

Features of The Doukam  2V 1000Ah lead acid battery

Battery introduction:

  • Doukam 2V 1000Ah lead acid battery is made of AGM separator and non-conductive ABS plastic, with its sealed construction, the battery is spill-proof and maintenance free, no trouble once installed,
  • Full 2 year warrantyBattery can be used in solar/wind power system, power station and telecom system
  • Gross weight: 122kg Weight: 122.00kg
  • Dimensions: 462.00mm x 540.00mm x 363.00UP TO 1,800 CYCLES AT 70% DOD
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