ABB solid-state breaker concept works by replacing the traditional moving parts of an electro-mechanical circuit breaker with power electronics and advanced software algorithms that control the power and can interrupt extreme currents faster than ever before.

ABB breaker concept is the first of its kind to use a patented insulated gate-commutated transistor (IGCT) semiconductor technology. This technological breakthrough is combined with new embedded predictive power management software, protection algorithms and higher levels of connectivity.

The ABB circuit breaker will make electrical distribution systems more reliable and efficient and will drive down maintenance costs while meeting the durability demands of next-generation electrical grids. The solid-state circuit breaker will be around 100 times faster than traditional electro-mechanical breakers. Its speed maximizes the performance of power distribution systems, while maintaining service continuity. The new ABB breaker will also improve safety and protection for people and equipment. As there is no energy release when the current is interrupted, there is no risk of arc energy exposure.

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