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Vectronic is a leading provider of quality back up power equipment spanning UPS, Voltage Regulators, Inverter Batteries & Chargers etc. Vectronic products are carefully engineered for discerning customer who desire utmost reliability and enhanced power availability. This 3kVA  UPS will provide quality power for different applications like your home appliances, workstation, printers, security systems, data centre, server room etc. Your equipment is guaranteed highest quality of supply  of clean power in the event of mains anomalies like surge and under voltage, eliminating any damage and  huge disruption of operations as well as  downtime that may arise aftermath. It comes at affordable pricing and well resourced technical support service, you can enjoy peace of mind when you purchase any unit of Vectronic UPS because of your rugged physical profile This double-conversion online topology provides connected loads with very clean, freshly synthesized supply, protecting against input mains anomalies.

Vectronic FS is a Mid-Range model UPS that offers the range of capacities of 1kVA – 20kVA for flexibility of choice as desired by customer. They are space-efficient and fit well in locations with space constraints.

  • Profile:   Rack/Tower Rating:    3kVA Voltage:    230Vac Frequency:   

This conversion topology offers highest quality of power to connected loads as the AC output is always freshly synthesized by the inversion system within the UPS, from the DC pool of the rectifier, with 0ms transfer time. Large LCD / Status Interface: Attractive metering interface for voltage, load level, frequency, general status and alarm condition Self Diagnostics: Self diagnostics and real-time status checks Intelligent Communication: RS232 standard, SNMP and/or USB optional High Power Density: Small footprint for space-efficient applications Extended Autonomy: Options for applications with long backup 12-Month Warranty & Support: Superior product performance and support in and out of warranty.


  • Active Power Control Factor
  • Rack/ Tower Flexibility
  • Large LCD Interface
  • Extended Autonomy
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